Bio | Paul A Steinberg

Bio headshot | Paul Steinberg

Bio headshot | Paul Steinberg

My Technology Bio includes strategic roles in government policy, business development, and sales management.  My employers are market leaders like IBM, Brio, TopTier/SAP, Borland, Soonr, MapInfo and Carma. Because I started 4 businesses before the age of 15 years, I was driven to graduate early from high-school and pay my way through college working at IBM. My studies included Drama and Computer Science at the University of Texas, plus Marketing at Stanford.

I smile anytime a camera is near and I’ve never met anyone I didn’t know or like.


I have been honored to learn from from some of the brightest engineers, and most respected visionaries of high technology – most noteworthy;

Ben Rosen – the “God Father” of Venture Capital (Apple, Compaq, Citrix, Electronic Arts, Lotus, Silicon Graphics, Seven Rosen Ventures)

Sean O’Sullivan – Inventor (Desktop Mapping – MapInfo), and most relevant he coined term “cloud computing“, philanthropist (Kahn Academy) and venture capitalist

Philippe Kahn – Founder & CEO Borland (Turbo Pascal programming language, Sidekick PIM, Quattro Pro spreadsheet), and inventor of the camera phone

David Blumstein – CEO of CEOs at Ingram-MicroD, Knowledge Adventure, Peter Norton Computing, Softbank, Softsel

Larry Massinter – Principal Scientist Adobe Systems, W3C Consortium, Xerox PARC who is very involved in my life since he is my cousin.

Shai Agassi – President SAP Product Technology Group and CEO of Better Place

Richard Schwartz: Founder Ansa (Paradox), CTO Borland, CTO Vignette

Yorgen Edholm – Founder and CEO Brio Technology, CEO Decision Point Systems, and most of all an analytics visionary

Richard Garriott – Lord British of the role playing game series Ultima and son of famous astronaut Owen Garriott – as a result Richard became one of the few citizen space tourists

I am an eternal optimist, my daughter’s No#1 fan, loyal husband, technology spokesperson, transportation wonk, salesperson’s salesman, leader and cheerleader for the team!

I have been in front of a camera since the age of 8 years old, including musicals and national commercials such as; Nerf, Play-Doh and 7-Eleven.  I have been spokesperson for 10 hot-rod technology startups; 6 took the first exit of acquisition, and another 2 took the express lanes to IPO.  As a result, I presented to thousands of C-Level executives, media reporters, regulators, industry panels, and members of congress.