KXAN NBC News Carma launch Austin green light

NBC TV – KXAN News – Omar Lewis

City gives ride sharing app Carma the green light

Omar Lewis of NBC Austin affiliate KXAN TV gets an exclusive interview with Paul Steinberg, Vice President of Carma as he exits Bergstrom Airport in route to their launch in Austin.  CarmaATX is public private partnership with TxDOT Texas Department of Transportation, CTRMA Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority and TTI Texas A&M Transportation Institute.  The Carma App provides vehicle occupancy to the Texas TxTag toll billing system, and users receive rebates from 50% to 100% for HOV 3+ carpools.

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ABC 7 News Rideshare App for BART strike

ABC TV News – KGO channel 7 – Jonathan Bloom

Ridesharing Apps and option if BART workders strike

Jonathan Bloom of the ABC TV News San Francisco KGO TV interviews Paul Steinberg of Carma in preparation for another BART strike in less than 45 days.

But if you give someone a ride today, in the future when you need a ride, someone’s gonna give you a ride back. And that’s what we call good Carma. – says Steinberg

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