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Paul Steinberg is Chief Business Officer and co-founder of Carma.  Paul’s industry nickname is Captain Carpool™ and here you can find his social media stream.

Paul didn’t talk much as a kid, but he is making up for it now as he shares his views on startups, entrepreneurship, technology, parking, government policy, regulations, taxis, transportation network companies and his experience being a spokesperson for silicon valley technology startups.

Born in Dallas Texas, Paul has lived in Austin, Chicago, Charlotte Boston, Stockholm Sweden and San Jose aka Silicon Valley.  A serial entrepreneur who started four businesses before the age of 8 yrs old, he is always looking for something to challenge his mind and improve his skills.

Paul Steinberg has been part of 10 incredible technology startups – six had successful acquisitions, while two went on to become publicly traded firms.  

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3 weeks ago
RT @teetwochan: The @TDMcommittee at #ACTnola17 debating parking, autonomous vehicles, performance measures, and Bruce Springsteen. @ACTNat psteinberg photo
1 month ago
RT @Jpavllc: @TeamCarma thrilled to be providing automated vehicle occupancy detection w/ @NCTCOGtrans want to hear more. Let's connect #IB psteinberg photo
1 month ago
#CaptainCarpool and @TeamCarma are very excited to be a new members of @IBTTA psteinberg photo
5 months ago
Join #CaptainCarpool today to learn about new ways @TeamCarma occupancy verification help tolling operators
8 months ago
Here's the biggest thing Google got wrong about self-driving cars -
8 months ago
Mercedes-Benz debuts Croove, its own car-sharing network -

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