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Top 20 Transportation Resources in America

Need to find your way around the city? Want to understand the politics behind your transportation options? Need to voice your opinion to the government? These are some of best resources on the Internet to learn about transportation issues facing the US and our cities.


1. Fast Lane

Reading the official blog of the US Department of Transportation is like getting information straight from the horse’s mouth. Here you will find opinion posts from city Mayors, infographics of US commute habits, and critical information on current transportation projects and funding.

2. Transportation for America

Transportation for America is lobby group comprised business and civic leaders committed to smart, locally-driven transportation solutions. On this blog you will read about current transportation policy topics, and their efforts to educate legislators on the position of their members.

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Alternative transportation options infographic by Captain Carpool

Captain Carpool goes to Washington

To: To US Congress, State Legislators, US Mayors and City Council members from coast to coast

Re: Ridesharing regulations

From: Paul Steinberg, Vice President, Carma (previously Avego Corporation)

Carma operates Real-Time Ridesharing projects funded by the Federal Government in San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Austin and Washington DC.  Carma is bound by, and compliant with all federal, state and local laws and regulations; Carma has never received a citation or cease and desist letter from any regulator.

Ridesharing occurs when you pickup someone, drive to your destination, and park your vehicle until you go home.  If you get compensated more than it costs to operate your vehicle, then you crossed the line to become a for hire driver. – Captain Carpool

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The cost of free parking

Did you ever think about that football field size parking lot your employer provides you to park your car during work?  Every parking space is >100 square feet of lost opportunity for commercial, residential or open space. This TIME magazine article by Bryan Walsh on why Congress is screwing public transit users. The recent reduction of the Commuter Tax Benefit has stirred debate from transportation officials and policy makers.

Under the US Internal Revenue Code section 132(a), the qualified transportation benefits is one of the eight types of statutory employee benefits (also known as fringe benefits) that are excluded from gross income. The two types of qualified transportation benefits are (1) transit passes and van pooling ($130/mo beginning 1/1/2014) and (2) parking (up to $250/mo).[1] Bike commuters can also be reimbursed for certain expenses (up to $20/mo).

Every parking space is a lost opportunity for commercial, residential or open space – Paul Steinberg

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