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Top 20 Transportation Resources in America

Need to find your way around the city? Want to understand the politics behind your transportation options? Need to voice your opinion to the government? These are some of best resources on the Internet to learn about transportation issues facing the US and our cities.


1. Fast Lane

Reading the official blog of the US Department of Transportation is like getting information straight from the horse’s mouth. Here you will find opinion posts from city Mayors, infographics of US commute habits, and critical information on current transportation projects and funding.

2. Transportation for America

Transportation for America is lobby group comprised business and civic leaders committed to smart, locally-driven transportation solutions. On this blog you will read about current transportation policy topics, and their efforts to educate legislators on the position of their members.

3. The Transit Wire

This site looks at some of the newest and most innovative technologies that hope shake up our transportation systems. A mashup of Intelligent Technology Solutions and resources focused on the mobility of people in our future.

4. Transportation Communications Newsletter

Editor Bernie Wagenblast has been a traffic reporter in New York City, and the voice of Newark Liberty International Airport, JFK Airport’s AirTrain, and the NYC subway’s “next train” system. Bernie pulls together the current transportation news from around the country into a concise blog or email format.

5. Shared-Use Mobility Center

Focused on shared-use mobility defined as mobility services that are shared among users including traditional public transportation, ridesharing (carpooling, vanpooling), car sharing, Transportation Network Companies, and bike sharing.

6. Transportation Experts Blog

This National Journal blog is full of engaging conversations on policy and politics. The look is simple and they have a loyal following that actively engages in posts with comments and discussion.

7. Complete Streets Blog

One of several blogs by Smart Growth America who advocates for people who want to live and work in great neighborhoods. This blog explores sustainable development policies and initiatives by local governments, and multi-modal solutions around the country.

8. Reconnecting America

Reconnecting America is a non-profit that advises civic and community leaders on how to overcome community development challenges to create better communities for all. Reconnecting America develops research and creates innovative public policy.

9. Transportation Research Board (TRB)

TRB promotes innovation and progress in transportation through research and national conferences that bring together policy makers, and representatives from the public and private sectors.

10. TRANSP-TDM Listserv

A lifeline for any Transportation Demand Management professional, the TRANSP-TDM listserv is an open forum for the posting and discussion of news and information relating to TDM. The Listserv is managed by Phil Winters of the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida.

11. The Transport Politic

The Transport Politic is full of original transportation content for North America written by Yonah Freemark.

12. Housing and Transportation Index

The Housing and Transportation Affordability Index is an innovative tool that measures the true affordability of housing based on its location.

13. Public Transportation Blog

This is the official blog of the American Public Transportation Association. APTA represents interests of bus, rail and ferry agencies around the USA.


14. Transbay Blog – San Francisco, CA

This is a blog about public transportation, transit-oriented development, and city planning in the San Francisco Bay Area. It includes a plethora of transportation topics including land use, emission laws, and regional transportation plans.

My favorite section is ‘Fantasy Transit Maps‘ where every agency can work together

15. Streets Blog – NYC, LA, SF, CHI

Everything you want to know about public transit, bicycling, walking, or open space in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, or sweet home Chicago is right here. These are also the same guys that produce the award winning ‘Street Films’ that put a face on the transportation problems facing America.

16. Slug-Lines – Washington, DC

A blog dedicated to this unique phenomenon where complete strangers wait at designated pickup locations to carpool along an HOV 3+ corridor during rush hour into the nation’s capital.

17. – San Francisco, CA      is the original metro resource for everything transportation.  Run by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, this site gives users real-time transit and traffic information covering more than 50 providers across the nine-county Bay Area.

18. Commuter Page Blog – Washington, DC

A service of the Arlington County Commuter Services (ACCS) helps users understand and explore alternative transportation options from @Metrobusinfo, @Metrorailinfo as well as bike, walk, and ridesharing. The site is updated frequently with transportation related news, events, and promotions.

19. R-TRIP Blog – Redmond, WA

The City of Redmond provides alternative transportation tools and incentives for locals and daily commuters to get to/from work. This environmentally conscious city is the proud home of nationally recognized employers including Microsoft, AT&T Mobility and Nintendo America.

20. Seattle Transit Blog – Seattle, WA

The Seattle Transit Blog details all the transit issues confronting the Emerald City. It does a great job proving multiple points of view through guest bloggers. Our favorite section is the concise overview for visitors to the city laid out in one page.

Want to include your favorite resource on this list?

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